I've never been much of a reader. I may have lied about it before, but going to the library and picking up a good book has just never been my thing. It's a hobby I've tried so many times to get into, but I always end up losing interest after a while. Of course, I read my share of Harry Potter's, Lord of the Rings's, and the occasional thing I had to read for school, but I rarely dug into anything that wasn't mainstream or part of the hype. But comics always clicked for me.

I love comics! Been reading them my whole life. Graphic novels are cool too (check out Maus and Blankets). So when I started hearing about visual novels, it felt like the right thing to get into. Like many of you, TellTale Games gave me an easy way to get into them. I know it's more of an Adventure game, but honestly it's not every different. Those games are pretty fun, and easy platinum trophies, so they became somewhat of a gateway to some other games. Danganronpa was the first real VN that I fell in love with. Especially on the PS Vita (where I played it first, though I know it came out on PSP in Japan earlier). It was funny, clever, dark, and mysterious. It was also kind of horny.

Then a friend of mine lent me a copy of 999 for the DS and I fell in love with that too! What a game, what incredible writing and what a fun/interactive way to tell a story. That game was a bit horny, too. After Virtue's Last Reward I accepted the fact that the game is as brilliant and epic as it is horny. Are all VNs this good and horny? Obviously that's debatable; I tried a few other visual novels after that:

  • Hatoful Boyfriend
  • Steins;Gate
  • Psycho-Pass

But they were too much dating-sim and not enough puzzle gameplay. All horny, though. When I heard Kotaro Uchikoshi was working on a new game I was stoked! And when I heard it was coming out soon my hype was through the roof. Playing Ai: Somnium scratched that itch I needed for a while, but I didn't expect the game to be this horny.

Does it have a lot of fan service? Sure. Does it make a sex joke every other sentence? Of course. But if you're into that special category of games - that psychological-horny-thriller-comedy-cerebral-neo-tokyo-cultural-sentimental-twist visual novel, this game is for you. Even though it was filled with things like what you see above, it's also filled with beautiful moments like these: